About LPIR

LPIR - Founded 2017 

Wayne Fernandez is the sole owner, creator and founder of LPIR - Louisiana Paranormal Investigation and Research.  

After decades of performing his own investigations, doing his own research and working with countless others in the paranormal field he has decided to take his experience to the field in his own unique way.

Wayne has an arsenal of paranormal equipment and tools he can chose from when called in on a job.  From video equipment and devices, to cutting edge EVP and ITC devices (he makes himself). If a location is "spirited" Wayne will get the evidence because he has all that is needed in his arsenal to "detect it".

Since he's been working and researching in the field alone and with many others ( thanks to especially to social media) Wayne hands down is the man to call if you're in the Louisiana area.  He can handle just about anything and what he can't he knows who can.  Most people won't work well with others.  That's what separates Wayne from the rest.  Wayne can work solo or in a team setting.  That's because for Wayne it's not about ego, praise or reward it's only about " spirit evidence, research and communication".  

LPIR Mission Statement 

Our mission is to test each and every boundary in spirit communication. To fearlessly go where others won't, in order to get to the truth.  While always keeping our commitment to professionalism, caring and dedication to the field and our clients needs.  

LPIR Vision Statement 

Our vision is prove spirits exist, that's it's not just our imaginations at work.   We will not stop until we have tested every limit, pushed every boundary and faced every fear. We will be leaders in the paranormal investigation and research while, while taking the EVP and ITC community to new never before explored levels.  

What can you expect from LPIR


You can expect PROFESSIONALS in the field who take every case seriously.  There's no case to large or too small.  They will do a thorough job, gather all the information, research, and evidence they can to give you a conclusive summary of what they found and if in their professional opinion you're dealing with someone paranormal or not.  

If they find you're having a paranormal experience their work doesn't stop there.  They will work with you and tell you what your opinions are while continuing to do follow up so you get the best help you can. In some cases, he's team can help on in that follow up if needs be.


Wayne and his team CARE.  Too often in this field we run into people only in it for what they can get out of it.  Not in the case of Wayne and LPIR.  They care about what their clients are facing.  They want to help them get the answers they desperately search for.  They won't stop until they get those answers and are helped in some way. This is just one of the many things that separates Wayne and LPIR from so many others.


Wayne is not only dedicated to the field and gives it 100%, but he is dedicated to his clients.  Where many will give up, or take advantage of peoples situation for self gain, NOT WAYNE and LPIR.   They are in it to HELP!  They are 100% dedicated to their clients and making sure they get ANSWERS!


One word completely describes Wayne Fernandez FEARLESS.    You can expect he will face whatever comes his way in the paranormal fearlessly.  He will not back down to fear, to threats, to spirits who try to bring negativity or harm.   Wayne is a true southern man who will stand up to anyone or anything. He is smart, he is strong and he is FEARLESS!  A force to be reckoned with. Even the spirit world takes notice when he's at work! 

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