EVP KING - Wayne Fernandez

Wayne seems to be a "magnet" for spirit communication.  Spirits are drawn to him.  It's for this reason all who know him call him the " EVP KING". 

Spirits appear out of " seemingly" no where just to leave their messages with Wayne. They must know he is a kindred spirit, a " soul whisperer".  

They must realize it's not only safe to speak to him, but he will do everything in his power to help them.  Be it to cross over, get their justice, or just let their voices be heard.

Sometimes spirits just need to be heard so they can heal and cross over themselves; once they know they've left the message they need to with the right person. 

Wayne must be one of the " right people".    Since he can remember he's been able to do this, it's a " gift". 

Since he was young every device, every session,  using his own built devices, radio hacks or ones he's purchased from others, his results and ability to get EVP's has made him a legend in the EVP/ITC paranormal community.  And though people have given him this title, Wayne Fernandez himself is just happy the spirits speak to him and he is able to capture the spirit communication for others to hear.  He is one of the most down to Earth people you'll ever have the pleasure to meet or work with. 

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